• Reliability
    Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis
    Reliability Modeling and Prediction
    Reliability Block Diagrams
    Reliability Program Management
    Reliability Assessment - System Level
    Reliability Assessment - Component Level
    Reliability - Asset Management.
  • Maintainability
    Maintainability Assessment Management
    Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
    Ease of Maintenance - Human Factors
    Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)
    Maintainability Demonstration - M Demo
    Maintainability - Fault Management
    Maintainability - Modeling.
  • Logistics Support
    Logistics Support Analysis (LSA).
    Logistics Support Analysis Record(LSAR)
    Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
    Maintenance Task Analysis (MTA)
    Spares Modeling - Assessment
    Logistics Resource & Asset Allocation
    Corrective and Preventative Maintenance.

MTain Inc. Services

MTain can provide a core set of Reliability, Maintainability and Logistics Support services. These services can be implemented in the concept/ proposal phase through the design and development phase and into an in-service support phase. The scope core of services offered include the following:

  • Reliability, Maintainability and Logistics Support Project Management Planning;
  • Proposal Support;
  • Reliability Engineering;
  • Maintainability Engineering;
  • Logistics Support Analysis; and
  • Subcontractor Support.

Reliability, Maintainability (R&M) and Logistics Support (LS) Project Management Planning

The R&M and LS project management planning includes the following core ILS and reliability and maintainability program elements:

  • Customer’s ILS and R&M program and performance requirements interpretation;
  • Development of R&M and ILS Schedules;
  • Development of Work Breakdown Structures (WBS);
  • Development of Cost Breakdown Structures (CBS);
  • R&M and LS program/ project risk assessment;
  • Alignment of R&M and ILS effort within concurrent system engineering processes and best practices;
  • Development of R&M and LS program strategies and plans;
  • Develop R&M and LS system engineering procedures and policies documentation; and
  • Support to other specialty engineering disciplines such as Human Factors and Safety

Proposal Support

The Proposal Support shall be based upon the core ILS and reliability and maintainability engineering aspects and include the following:

  • Provide new business ventures and proposal development, in terms of strategy, planning and cost estimation;
  • Develop proposal content;
  • Supporting Front End R&M engineering assessment;
  • Develop CBS required to conduct and implement a proposed solution;
  • Determine associate R&M and ILS program and implementation risks; and
  • Determine the overall strategy for the proposed R&M technical solution for the design and development phase and in-service support phase.

Reliability Engineering

The Reliability Engineering core services include the following:

  • System level performance characteristics (Availability and Reliability);
  • Risk assessment of reliability performance based upon quality of supporting third party source data;
  • Alternative design options and/ or equipment trade-offs ;
  • Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA); and
  • Support to safety risk assessment.

Maintainability Engineering

The maintainability core services include the following:

  • Maintainability Assessment – Mean Time To Repair and scheduled maintenance characteristics;
  • Fault Management Assessment – Built in Test capabilities and effectiveness;
  • Ease of Maintenance Assessment – Product system integration and human factor (maintainer);
  • Conduct Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM); and
  • Evaluation and assessment of a product's Maintainability characteristics.

Logistics Support Analysis

The core ILS services (LSA) include the following:

  • Determine and/ or interpret the product’s maintenance concept;
  • Identify required maintenance tasks (scheduled and unscheduled);
  • Identify required Support and Test Equipment;
  • Identify and validate the required Spare Parts;
  • Identify other logistics resources including personnel loadings;
  • Develop maintenance philosophies to achieve and align with the end user/ customer's needs;
  • Identify and validate source data (internal and third party); and
  • Develop cost driver data to support a product's Life Cycle Cost (LCC) evaluation and assessment.

Subcontractor Support

The Subcontractor Support shall be based upon the core ILS and reliability and maintainability engineering aspects and include the following:

  • Development of subcontractor inputs to the proposal effort; subcontractor support evaluation and assessment;
  • Subcontractor solutions trade-off assessment;
  • Subcontractor Statement of Work (SOW) and supporting Data Item Description (DID) requirements standardization;
  • Subcontractor Technical Specification Reliability, Maintainability and Testability requirements standardization;
  • Evaluation and assessment of supplier's product's RAM and LCC characteristics;
  • Provide assistance and guidance to third party subcontractors and suppliers; and
  • Subcontractor proposal and associated ILS data validation assessment.

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